Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

You Should have a "Why" Or just die

"למה", היא, אולי, המילה הכי "יקרה" בתעשיה שלנו.
אם אין לך "למה" אין לך כיוון.  אם אין לך כיוון, לעולם לא תשיגו את היעד.
למה אני בעסק הזה?
למה אני רוצה להצליח?
למה אני חייב להצליח?
למה אני רוצה את השינוי?

ה"למה" שלך, הוא תכנית העבודה שלך, התכנית העסקית של החיים שלך ושל ההצלחה האישית והכלכלית שלך. ה"למה" הוא המצפן שיקח אותך אל המטרות והיעדים שלך.
הבעיה היא שמרבית האנשים חיים ללא מצפן וללא יעדים ברורים ומוגדרים.  אני מצרף עבורכם כאן את הוידאו של הסשן שנתתי בכנס MARVALOUS Going International שהתקיים ב"היכל נוקיה" ב-1 בפברואר 2011.  אני עושה זאת כדי שכל אחד מכם יראה את ה"למה" שלי (שבכלל לא מתחיל מכסף) ויעזור לכם לבנות את הלמה שלכם.

"Why" Is probabely, the most important word in our industry.
Why I'm in this business?
Why I want to become successful?
Why I must become successful?
Why I want/Need this change?

Your "Why" is you life's business plan. your compass, that will take you to your goals. 
Here is the speach i gave at the "MARVALOUS Going International" convention, in Tel Aviv, on Feb. 1st.

Ron Ackerman
MWG Team

Monday, January 17, 2011

A World discovery at your Health service

ALA. Not Just Omega 3. A-L-A!!!!!

Recent researches show that our body needs ALA (vegetarian Omega3).
Recent researches show that our brain needs ALA.
Fish oil and Fish Omega 3 is not working anymore; huge law suit filed in March 2010, in California claims that Fish oil contains, beside Mercury, high levels of PCB.

A research done lately shows that our brain needs ALA and not only DHA. The human body knows to convert ALA into the needed amount of DHA and EPA.
Another research done with Alzheimer disease shows that the brain of people died of Alzheimer head no ALA in the brain cells, Vs.  A brain of people that died at the same age, but from a different reason.  Those people brain contained ALA.

Our world discovery gives the world the one and the only solution;
 Sage Oil that contains over 50% ALA and the res are essential minerals, Anti Oxidants and Dietary Fibers.
This discovery is going to change the world.

If you want to learn more, tour this blog and contact me.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hong Kong, Here I come

So, after 3 intensive weeks in the USA, It's time for a rest.
Today I'm flying to Hong Kong.

As you know, Hong Kong Is 3500 miles east of Israel. and as many times i was in Europe and the USA (are all West of Israel), I've never been easter than Amman, In Jordan. I was there in 1997 or 1998, one year after signing the peace beatween Jordan and Israel.

I will land in Hong Kong on Friday at around 16:00 (Hong Kong time) and i will spend the New Years eve, with my wife, in the center of the city, where all the action takes place.

I promise to take a video of the events and share it with you.

After all, MARVALOUS is a tribe and we should share.