Monday, January 17, 2011

A World discovery at your Health service

ALA. Not Just Omega 3. A-L-A!!!!!

Recent researches show that our body needs ALA (vegetarian Omega3).
Recent researches show that our brain needs ALA.
Fish oil and Fish Omega 3 is not working anymore; huge law suit filed in March 2010, in California claims that Fish oil contains, beside Mercury, high levels of PCB.

A research done lately shows that our brain needs ALA and not only DHA. The human body knows to convert ALA into the needed amount of DHA and EPA.
Another research done with Alzheimer disease shows that the brain of people died of Alzheimer head no ALA in the brain cells, Vs.  A brain of people that died at the same age, but from a different reason.  Those people brain contained ALA.

Our world discovery gives the world the one and the only solution;
 Sage Oil that contains over 50% ALA and the res are essential minerals, Anti Oxidants and Dietary Fibers.
This discovery is going to change the world.

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  1. Love your enthusiasm, Ron! It's inspiring.

  2. Nice blog but in the researchs and documents you must put in current facts and proof of the research i hope you get my drift

  3. Dear Joseph,
    I have all the facts and proofs to support everything. I will supply it upon request. i hope you get my drift. LOL.