Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The City of New York gone Crazy.
The most democratic nation in the world – USA, the most famous city in the world – NYC, got the highest number of all kind of Police forces I ever sew.
The American just worships uniform. They respect it and everybody are playing Police.
Let's start with NYPD – the city police force.  Then you have "NYPD – Traffic" they only deal with traffic issues. We go on with "Taxi and Limousine Commission Police" – that check all taxis Limo's. the next are "MTA Police" which responsible for the  METRO and Busses. Another kind of police in "US postal Police". Hey, what is that? Are they going to arrest me if I don't put a stamp on my postcard I just sent to my family?
And it's not stops there. In the airports you have the "TSA police", the "Homeland security Police", the custom officers that dressed like Policeman.

Now we get to the craziest of all. Every doorman in NYC looks like the chief of police, every security guard in a Drugstore looks like the special anti terrorist unit.
And their cars. Oh, the cars. They all up loaded with lights, sirens and signs and lots of special effects.  Half of the cars in NYC looks like S.W.O.T cars.
In this way 95% of NYC citizens are "Armed forces".

It is maybe funny, but it works!!!! there is low and order here.   

What ever the situation is, I just love New York. I love USA and I love the Americans.
Life are Marvalous

Monday, November 29, 2010

Big news!

Marvalous Omega 3 from Clary Sage is now available in the U.S.!!!
It's FDA and USDA approved and you can now order it On-Line, directly from the Marvalous website using your U.S. Visa or Mastercard.  
The product comes in English printed boxes and is shipped from the company's warehouse in New York.

The way to do this is to visit this link and enter 57227571 as your "sponsor". This lets Marvalous know that I sent you. Then, just follow the instructions and order either one box of Omega 3 for $52 or two boxes for a discounted price of $94.  Go order a box NOW for your health!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looking for those who are Looking

There are no new mistakes in MLM,
Only new people doing old mistakes!

The sentence above i heard few years ego by my MLM mentors Eric Worre and Randy Gage. and this is one of the most important lessons i ever got in MLM. If all you ever learn in NetworkMarketing will be this lesson, you saved yourself good 4-5 years of frustration and losing time and money.

Only in MLM you can learn from others experiences and avoid mistakes that can cost you a lot of money and sometimes can stop your MLM career. 

My advice for you, today, is: "Look for those who are Looking"!!!!!
in order for you to become successful in MLM you should offer the opportunity to everyone.  but, don't waste your time on everyone. don't drag your lags beging  people to join the business.
MLM is an amazing opportunity for all, but not everybody fits to MLM.  and this is a huge difference.

Because, if you find yourself in an emerging company, with unique products line and perfect timing, it is you that doing your family, friends and prospects a favor by sharing the oppotunity with them, and it's not that they are doing you any favor by enrolling in.

this is exactly the situation with "MARVALOUS".
We are now opening the USA market.  we have first in the world answer for 330 Million people need for  high quality Omega3 that proven to do the job and it's totaly clean of PCB's, Toxins and Mercury. the Sage Oil we got, is a world registered Patent for the next 16 years and it contains tens of essential ingridiants to our body, that no other natural product got.

We have the perfect product!
We got the perfect timing!
We offer the best business plan ever!

We have pure gold in our hands. we got and answer for inflammations and diseases.
We are proud to be on a mission of Health!
We are only the massangers.  the product is the huge massge!!

Look for enrepreneurs.  look for people who want to become successful.

you have given the one in a lifetime opportunity to be the first in the world with something so important. don't waste it.

Look for those who are looking!!!!!


Friday, November 26, 2010

It's the Holidays season, in New York

Or, How I did it my way?

I just got back from a visit to the big apple. I'll explain; my hotel is located in New Jersey, near Newark airport.
I think this is crazy to pay 350$-500$ a night for hotel in Manhattan, while you can get the same size of room, at the "Ramada" hotel in Newark airpot, for only 52$ (!!!!).
I just rented a Standart size car (Dodge Avenger), for 25$ a day, i can travel where ever i want, visit NYC and still, it is less the one third of a price of hotel room in NYC.

New York in the Holidays season is a "must see".  yes, it is frozen cold (45 F) but the lights, the sales, the shops and the amazing atmosphere, helps you to get warm.

Today it was "Black Friday". I don't know why they call it "Black". this the only day in the year when all the shops a going crazy and offers the craziest sales of the year.  some of the shops opens at 03:00 AM. yes! that's 3 hours after midnight of Thursday.
KOHL'S offered a 10$ kupon to the first 200 people at the door, at 03:00AM. and there were thousends.

TIFFANY and Co. on Fifth Ave. is covered with festive lights and above the middle untersection of Fifth Ave and 57th St. at 6 meters high, there is a huge litted snow flake hanging down.
I was standing there and i just couldn't take my eyes of the action in the street.

on 42nd St. between Fifth Ave to Sixth Ave, there is cute "holidays market" with an atmosphere that is taken out from an old story book.

2 years ego, when i started with MARVALOUS, i couldn't believe this opportunity will give me the chance to visit NYC 3 times in 6 months.
Dreams do come true.

I'm so lucky to be able to be here in this season.
I'm lucky to be Healthy.
I'm lucky to be Wealthy.

I'm so lucky to be Marvalous. 


Be The First, for the first time in your Life

We are given few opportunities in a lifetime to be part of a new international trend.  There are even fewer times in which we are given an opportunity to take part in the birth of a discovery.
"Marvalous" gives you, today, the chance to join the exciting journey and to bring good tidings to the world, to let others and yourself live a better quality of life and also a higher standard of living.
This coming decade will be a revolution in the quality of life.  Well known international economists , headed by Paul Dayan Philzer, who wrote the  best selling international book "The wellness Revolution," says that the health and quality of life industry lets any enterpriser that wants to , profit from an exceptional abundance of economic prosperity while building a business in the field of wellness.
"Marvalous" is an international business enterprise which is based on an amazing discovery of agricultural engineering, in the field of food supplements (para medical), partially based on an international patent.
A technology breakthrough – at your service
"Marvalous" is offering a product which is a futuristic breakthrough to change the face of the quality of life and food supplements as we know them today.
Marvalous products are backed by clinical research and prove that they have the ability to make remarkable improvement to our health.
Marvalous products are based on a process of eight years of research and development in one of the leading Agricultural Research Institutions in the world, research that was conducted by Dr. Nativ Dudai, an international specialist in the field of agricultural research.
The results of the research is a line of breakthrough natural products which improve a person's health, helping in almost every area: reinforcement of the immune system, prevention of inflammation, lowering of blood pressure, prevention of osteoporosis and bone loss, lowering the glucose level, bringing down the level of the bad cholesterol (LDL) and raising the good cholesterol(HDL), prevention of blood clots, lessening the risk of heart attacks, improvement and increased rate of metabolism in our body, remarked memory improvement, increased ability to listen and concentrate, weight management, and a general transition to a healthier and more energetic life.
Business Model – The First of It's Kind in the World
"Marvalous" is bringing both, to the world and to you, economic news.  The business model that Marvalous uses is the first of its kind in the world, the resounding answer to all of the present benefit programs.  The "Tribal Marketing" – a unique Marvalous development – lets you, for the first time,  start profiting from the first day in the business.  What is even more thrilling is to earn much money from the work of the entire tribe, even those who you had no part in helping them join, people who entered through other distributors.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, Thank God, Thank you Marvalous

25.11.10 – New York.

What an amazing day was today.
This is one of those days you thank god you're alive, Healthy and got the opportunity to enjoy life.
Today USA celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday.  This is not a religious holiday, but a national holiday. Every American – Christians, Jews, Muslim or any other US citizens, can enjoy and celebrate this day.
The reason of my visit is business. Just business. But in a day like that you should let yourself go.  So, instead of Presentation giving I decided to go on "Thanksgiving".
In Manhattan everybody enjoyed the famous "Macy's parade" along the Broadway Avenue.  In the evening I was invited by one of my distributors, to join a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. It took place in a beautiful place called Chapaqua, which is located around 40 Miles north of NYC. When I arrived there I met an amazing family, the Langzam family. Jannet, Ad, Joe, Lee, Jakie, Julie, Jonathan Joan (no, it is not a mistake. This family got something with "J"'s).
The turkey, the wine, the cakes. Everything was so good and tasty.  Outside temperature was 370 F (30 C) and light rain shower. Exactly my type of weather that gave this evening a unique atmosphere.
One and a half hour into this family meeting, I felt that I'm living on the right side of life. The good life. The Marvalous life.
This special evening is not for business. This evening is about saying thank you for the good life I've got, the amazing family I have and for the once in a lifetime opportunity gave to me by Marvalous.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Create the Feelings of Abundance, Greater Freedom, Joy & Adoration

Just got back and i cannot sleep

Well,   I just came back from the presentation and I'm so exited.
this is absolutly crazy.
Only 2 (out of 10) guest showed up, and 55 minutes later both of them enrolled into Marvalous.  that is 100% success!!!
after they gone, my host, wanted me to put the 2 new distributor, on the Back Office of Marvalous.  she is new to the business and wanted to learn how to do that.
So, in order to show her how it works, we went to my Back Office.  and then i was shocked for the second time;  while i did the presentation, another distributor in my network, enrolled 2 new distributors, in L.A.
Can you understand? when u did 2 enrollments, I actually head 4!!!!!

This is levereging. This is what an international business is all about.

now, i can go to sleep.

We are working hard and make a differance in the world.
We make people Healthier and Wealthier, at the same time.

We are building a better world for us and for our next generations.

Monday, November 22, 2010

ברוכים הבאים לבלוג החדש שלי

שלום לך,

אני יושב לי כרגע בחדר המלון שלי בניו ג'רזי. מחלון חדרי נשקפים נופים שהם ניגוד.
ממש קרוב למלון, זוהי ניו-ג'רזי המפוייחת והמוכרת מהפתיחה של "הסופרנוס", המון מסילות רכבת, גשרים חלודים, מיכלי דלק לרוב, מאחורי המלון נמצא שדה התעופה של ניוארק ומסביב המון צמחייה מיובשת וצהובה וסביב המלון מחלפים ודרכים מהירות, מכוניות חולפות ומשאיות דוהרות.
במרחק, נשקפת מנהטן. מבריקה, מצוחצחת, מזמינה, מודרנית ושופעת עכשוויות וטכנולוגיה.

כל-כך הרבה ניגודים בנוף אחד הנשקף מהחלון.

וזוהי, אם תרצו, מהות החיים הנכונים והטובים. לדעת לקבל את הלבן עם השחור. לדעת שאין טוב בלי רע ואין אפשרות להגיע לחיים טובים ללא עבודה קשה.

כי הרבה לפני רמת החיים הגבוהה, צריך לעבוד קשה כדי להשיג אותה.

אין קיצורי דרך. אין חיתוכי פינות.

הבלוג החדש שלי מושק בדקות אלה וזוהי כתבת הפתיחה שלי.
בבלוג שלי אשתדל לשתף אתכם בחוויות שלי, בדעותי על נושאים שוני, לתת לכם טיפים להתפתחות וצמיחה אישית ולכתוב על דברים הקשרוים בבריאות אישית, רוחנית וחירות כלכלית ופיננסית.

כי אחרי הכל, אנחנו אלה שקובעים את עתידנו וכדאי שיהיו לנו כל הכלים כדי לקבל החלטות. בבלוג הזה אשתדל לספק לכם את הכלים האלה.

מצפה לתגובות שלכם.