Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just got back and i cannot sleep

Well,   I just came back from the presentation and I'm so exited.
this is absolutly crazy.
Only 2 (out of 10) guest showed up, and 55 minutes later both of them enrolled into Marvalous.  that is 100% success!!!
after they gone, my host, wanted me to put the 2 new distributor, on the Back Office of Marvalous.  she is new to the business and wanted to learn how to do that.
So, in order to show her how it works, we went to my Back Office.  and then i was shocked for the second time;  while i did the presentation, another distributor in my network, enrolled 2 new distributors, in L.A.
Can you understand? when u did 2 enrollments, I actually head 4!!!!!

This is levereging. This is what an international business is all about.

now, i can go to sleep.

We are working hard and make a differance in the world.
We make people Healthier and Wealthier, at the same time.

We are building a better world for us and for our next generations.

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