Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looking for those who are Looking

There are no new mistakes in MLM,
Only new people doing old mistakes!

The sentence above i heard few years ego by my MLM mentors Eric Worre and Randy Gage. and this is one of the most important lessons i ever got in MLM. If all you ever learn in NetworkMarketing will be this lesson, you saved yourself good 4-5 years of frustration and losing time and money.

Only in MLM you can learn from others experiences and avoid mistakes that can cost you a lot of money and sometimes can stop your MLM career. 

My advice for you, today, is: "Look for those who are Looking"!!!!!
in order for you to become successful in MLM you should offer the opportunity to everyone.  but, don't waste your time on everyone. don't drag your lags beging  people to join the business.
MLM is an amazing opportunity for all, but not everybody fits to MLM.  and this is a huge difference.

Because, if you find yourself in an emerging company, with unique products line and perfect timing, it is you that doing your family, friends and prospects a favor by sharing the oppotunity with them, and it's not that they are doing you any favor by enrolling in.

this is exactly the situation with "MARVALOUS".
We are now opening the USA market.  we have first in the world answer for 330 Million people need for  high quality Omega3 that proven to do the job and it's totaly clean of PCB's, Toxins and Mercury. the Sage Oil we got, is a world registered Patent for the next 16 years and it contains tens of essential ingridiants to our body, that no other natural product got.

We have the perfect product!
We got the perfect timing!
We offer the best business plan ever!

We have pure gold in our hands. we got and answer for inflammations and diseases.
We are proud to be on a mission of Health!
We are only the massangers.  the product is the huge massge!!

Look for enrepreneurs.  look for people who want to become successful.

you have given the one in a lifetime opportunity to be the first in the world with something so important. don't waste it.

Look for those who are looking!!!!!


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