Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The City of New York gone Crazy.
The most democratic nation in the world – USA, the most famous city in the world – NYC, got the highest number of all kind of Police forces I ever sew.
The American just worships uniform. They respect it and everybody are playing Police.
Let's start with NYPD – the city police force.  Then you have "NYPD – Traffic" they only deal with traffic issues. We go on with "Taxi and Limousine Commission Police" – that check all taxis Limo's. the next are "MTA Police" which responsible for the  METRO and Busses. Another kind of police in "US postal Police". Hey, what is that? Are they going to arrest me if I don't put a stamp on my postcard I just sent to my family?
And it's not stops there. In the airports you have the "TSA police", the "Homeland security Police", the custom officers that dressed like Policeman.

Now we get to the craziest of all. Every doorman in NYC looks like the chief of police, every security guard in a Drugstore looks like the special anti terrorist unit.
And their cars. Oh, the cars. They all up loaded with lights, sirens and signs and lots of special effects.  Half of the cars in NYC looks like S.W.O.T cars.
In this way 95% of NYC citizens are "Armed forces".

It is maybe funny, but it works!!!! there is low and order here.   

What ever the situation is, I just love New York. I love USA and I love the Americans.
Life are Marvalous

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