Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, Thank God, Thank you Marvalous

25.11.10 – New York.

What an amazing day was today.
This is one of those days you thank god you're alive, Healthy and got the opportunity to enjoy life.
Today USA celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday.  This is not a religious holiday, but a national holiday. Every American – Christians, Jews, Muslim or any other US citizens, can enjoy and celebrate this day.
The reason of my visit is business. Just business. But in a day like that you should let yourself go.  So, instead of Presentation giving I decided to go on "Thanksgiving".
In Manhattan everybody enjoyed the famous "Macy's parade" along the Broadway Avenue.  In the evening I was invited by one of my distributors, to join a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. It took place in a beautiful place called Chapaqua, which is located around 40 Miles north of NYC. When I arrived there I met an amazing family, the Langzam family. Jannet, Ad, Joe, Lee, Jakie, Julie, Jonathan Joan (no, it is not a mistake. This family got something with "J"'s).
The turkey, the wine, the cakes. Everything was so good and tasty.  Outside temperature was 370 F (30 C) and light rain shower. Exactly my type of weather that gave this evening a unique atmosphere.
One and a half hour into this family meeting, I felt that I'm living on the right side of life. The good life. The Marvalous life.
This special evening is not for business. This evening is about saying thank you for the good life I've got, the amazing family I have and for the once in a lifetime opportunity gave to me by Marvalous.

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